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Pianos are delicate instruments that shouldn't be harmed in the moving process - hire a home service pro who will be able to prevent physical external damages and protect it from moisture and humidity during transportation.

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Published: 01/15/2019
I received a great service from Pianoinside. the pick up was across the city with an elderly lady - they coordinated smoothly without me being on site. Once they brought the piano to my house, they took a great care...
Published: 01/20/2019
Couldn`t be happier with my piano move!! Was really worried as it has been in our family for quite some time, so we are very attached to it!! Daniel and Oleg are top class. Got it up the stairs and...
Published: 01/17/2019
On just four hours notice was able to book a disassembled kitchen move(counter tops and appliances). The crew were cheerful and worked extremely hard. they were carefulnot to mess up the new home, the items arrived in good shape. Solid...