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Exterior shutters can help improve a home's safety, privacy and control the amount of light in your room. As there are a large range of style and colours available, you can choose one that matches your home. Hire a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 12/23/2018
For years we debated whether to install shutters in our home so we lived with 3 different types of window treatments throughout the second floor. When we finally decided to go with shutters our research lead us to many...
Published: 12/27/2018
Valerie was very knowledgeable and helpful in showing me a variety of options I hadn’t seen before. She helped me narrow down my choices and assisted with colour selection. The job was done in a timely fashion. The Cover Me...
Published: 12/27/2018
In response to Valerie’s response: Valerie, when you helped install the miracle fit it was obviously still light in my room and I commented on such. We needed to duct tape a cotton pad to the corner to make sure...