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angela.n.walker in Vaughan
angela.n.walker in Vaughan
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Lack Service Timeline and Quality

When I signed up early April taking almost all their services they offer, I was told 1st application would be late April.

By May 13th they were still not on site and I had to call numerous times. In fact their line continues to go directly to voice mesage 90% of the time, no matter what time of day you call them.

Got our 1st application re fertilizer just before mid May.

The hardscape weed spray control 1st of 4, was to start, as per their commitment to me when I signed up, early to mid May.
We are now June 10th and still no hardscape weed control.

Meanwhile someone who lives 2 min drive away in our area had their hardscape weed spray 1 month ago.

Since I have not been able to get in touch with their office, as I had to leave 2x messages early and mid last week, I called one of the owners Jordan whom I had talked to mid May to advise him about my concern of no / late service.

That call with Jordan around mid May went well. I was not upset nor rude to him, nor was he, as I just wanted him to know about my concerns and issues with their level of service.

So there would be no reason for Jordan's rudeness today. He refused to take my call. All I wanted to tell him was I could not reach his office and left messages, and my concern about the VERY LATE 1st application for our hardscape weed.spray control.

Our hardscape weeds have grown crazy and many 9", 12" and higher ... it is crazy.

I was personally guaranteed by his office, upon signing up with their service, that we would not be left behind, as I was concerned since we did not registered with them until early April, as registration for such services usually happen months before.

I did not want to be left behind and not on their normall route of service.

Something to note ... Late May we got our overseeding application from them. Overseeding .... what a joke. There was barely any seeds on the grss / soil and their texh guy missed large sections of the lawn ... as it was evident as per our video alarm monitoring playback. I had to check because they left a service receiot stating all was good and lot was seeded, but we saw very little or no seeds. So to call their service overseeding ... what a joke.

They could have saved themselves the trip. We had to buy several bags of grass seed and truly overseeded our grass. I just could not be bothered to call and complain as I felt as per previous calls, the front office have a snarly attitude when I address my concern with their service and product once before that application.

Interesting as well, when their tech guy came mid May for their 1st application for 2021, which was the fertilizer, he too was confused why he just not apply the overseeding and hardscape weed control as he had it on his truck and he was on site. That since, yes, our 1st application occurred late, it did not make sense not to do the seeding and hardscape too while he was on site.

He said they are from Scarborough and since we are out in Etobicoke the drive alone does not make sense to come back later when such applciations can happen altogether and he had the time.

Obviously this company has huge logistic issues and cannot handle the client load, especially us who are further out west or even east from them, and are the rudest people I have ever met.

They were happy to get my money, promise great service, on time and attentive service ... and unfortunately nothing close to this has been experienced by us.

Obviously this long message should relay the level of dissatisfaction we have with this company.

I left a text mesage with Jordan, one of the owners, since he rudely hung up on me, gave him a short summary of lack of service and call back and my late hardscape application.

I advised him to call me back. Also reminded him ... the buck stops with him ... and all valid customer complaints and issues lye on his shoulders since he is an owner.

Let's see if he is an ethical business owner and does the right thing t resolve the issue or will he be just another company who just want our money and who cares about the rest.

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