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Sulabh in Toronto
Sulabh in Toronto
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BEWARE of this store!!

Edit#1 (Reply to Dr Digital's response):
HomeStars doesn't allow customers' to respond to a reply from the business, so here is my response to the comment.
#1: The laptop could open and it worked fine. The lid at the bottom would come off a little when pushing the screen. The reason I know that is because I used the laptop 1-2 hours before coming to your shop and the problem with the hinge happened 3-4 days ago. Also, when I came to your store I did mention that the laptop works fine. So, yes I know the laptop was working before I gave it to you because I used it!!
#2: As far as testing the laptop goes before I left, if you look at your "Camera" footage you seem to mention so much, I didn't have the charger of the laptop with me and when I used the workaround charger you provided, I clearly mentioned that it keeps shutting off and then it was mentioned to me that the technician had to leave early due to a migraine, thinking that this may be an issue because the laptop is not charged, I said I will test it at home with the actual charger.
#3: When I went back to your store on Monday to see what the issue is, the technician told me that he doesn't think it was working before I brought to the store and when I mentioned that I was using it 1-2 hour before I brought it to your store, he didn't believe it. He said he will send it to another store. On asking how long would it take for the other store to get back to me, he said he doesn't know, then he said two days then when I told him that I have some important documents in my laptop he said, maybe try on the next day. He also mentioned that they will only look at the laptop but will not fix it. Of course, I had reservations leaving my laptop at your store, especially when the problem clearly started when I left my laptop at your store.
You can happily verify all of the above on your camera, I brought a working laptop in your store and it wasn't working when it came out.

Original Review:
I gave my laptop for repair because it was missing a couple of screws and the back flap was popping out a little if i push the screen a little further. I was told that there is a plastic hinge inside and i can pick it up in a couple of hours. When i picked the laptop from the store and tried to open it, it will boot till the home screen and then shut-off. Thinking that the laptop is not charged I thought I will try again after charging the laptop at home. After leaving the laptop on charge for a few hours, when I tried to switch on the laptop, the same problem persisted and my laptop will shut-down after 15-20 seconds.

I went to the store on Monday and the technician who "fixed" my laptop had a brief look at it and couldn't figure out what is wrong and said I have other things to do and I will have to send it to another location and they will take a couple of days to tell me what is wrong with the laptop but it is not their fault and of course I will have to pay because they didn't "Break" it. The technician said that it was broken from before because of a dent in one of the hinges (which i had for over an year) and since I didn't switch on the laptop to show them it worked at the time of leaving it in the store, there is nothing that they have done.

So basically, I gave a fully working laptop with 3-4 hours of battery backup and the laptop is not working anymore. They put in a couple of screws and messed up some other stuff.

I then went to get it fixed at another store, spent more money because of they mess they created and now even though I can use my laptop with a charger plugged in, but my battery is dead and doesn't take any charge. I am not sure what exactly was done with the battery but all I know is that my laptop was working perfectly fine when I gave it to you and it wasn't when it came out of your shop and now the battery of the laptop is dead. What is appalling to me is that instead of taking responsibility for an issue that was clearly created at your store, you shrugged it off saying the problem with the laptop was before it was brought to your store.

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Company Response


You brought in a laptop with a hinge that was so broken that it would not open. If the laptop could not even be opened, how is it that you are sure it was working fine before you dropped it off? Our technician repaired the hinge as requested, and you tested the laptop before leaving (we have it on camera). You seemed quite satisfied and left happy.

When you returned, our technician told you he could look at it again, but that you would have to leave it for diagnosis as this was an unrelated issue (as he told you, it seemed like a battery issue). We even said we would have another one of our technicians take a look at it. You told us you were taking the laptop to another repair shop, we said of course, it is up to you.

In your review you stated that you did indeed take it to another repair shop and can only use the laptop with a charger. You need a new battery as we told you. A new battery has nothing to do with a broken hinge repair. A new battery is indeed an additional cost as explained to you.

You are free to leave a review, it does seem patently unfair though to leave a terrible review when the repair requested was indeed performed and when you are on camera happily testing your laptop on the way out.