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Mari in Toronto
Mari in Toronto
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Knob and tube replacement

Very disappointed in this company. We chose TEE after getting quotes from numerous electricians. Michael, the master electrician, knew what he was talking about and we got a great vibe from him. The quote was competitive. However, Michael did not do the work nor did he oversee it. Salesmanship only. He sent in a crew of kids to do the work (knob and tube replacement) under the supervision of someone we had never met and whose qualifications were never made clear. We trusted Michael’s assurances.

Result: the work did not pass ESA inspection the first time. A year later, we are still discovering deficiencies (case in point: all of the receptacles on the upper floor are run to the same circuit, such that you cannot have the window AC on in one room and vacuum in the other, because the circuit will blow — and forget about having two AC units upstairs, which has been very uncomfortable during a summer as hot as the one we have had).

Over and above the incompetent work, the entire experience has been shockingly bad. We found our back door wide open one Saturday morning when we came to the house. His crew had forgotten to lock up before taking off for the weekend. Garbage was dumped into a huge cardboard box in our backyard and got soaking wet in the rain (they had no plan on how to remove it and only did so after we insisted). Our bathroom was left in a disgusting mess for us to clean up after the crew.

We have asked Michael to fix the deficiencies and he has given us the most epic runaround. I didn’t want to post a negative review but there is clearly no desire on this company’s part to fix shoddy work. They got their money.

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Company Response

Dear Mari,

I am truly sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the work that was done by TEE. We take pride in our workmanship and in our customer satisfaction. I would like to address the points that you made below.

1. While Michael, our Master Electrician did not perform the bulk of the work, he did instruct the crew, which consisted of two licensed electricians and two registered electrical apprentices. This was a seasoned, accredited and experienced crew and most certainly not a crew of kids. When the contract was signed, it was not specified that you wanted Michael to perform the work. Ours is a busy company and this is why we have teams of electricians as Michael cannot be everywhere at once. Had you specified that you wanted Michael on site, we most certainly would have accommodated you and scheduled accordingly.

2. The reason for the initial ESA inspection failure was not because a major deficiency in the work. The inspector simply wanted a minor issue rectified - i.e. clipping some wires which had not yet been completed when the ESA inspector attended the site. This was immediately rectified and there was no need for an additional inspection by the ESA. It passed when we notified the inspector that the clips had been placed.

3. All wiring in the house is indeed done to ESA code, or it would not have passed. We were contracted to replace the knob and tube wiring and we did just that. Had you notified us at the time of the walk-through of your home that you wanted to put window air conditioning units in two of the upstairs bedrooms, we would have advised that a separate circuit for each unit would be required. We did not know that this was your intention and so performed the wiring to code, without such provisions.

4. As soon as you brought to our attention the issue regarding the back door, we dealt with it immediately and ensured that it didn't happen again. We apologized profusely at the time and will take the opportunity to do so again right now. It was an oversight and should not have happened. To our knowledge, this was the only time that your door was left unlocked. Our staff have been retrained regarding this issue and we have had no further occurrences as such.

5. We typically remove all garbage from a work site upon completion of the job. While the work was still ongoing, as soon as you notified us that you were unhappy about the box in which our licensed electricians were keeping the garbage in, we immediately removed it from your yard and the crew was then instructed to remove all garbage on a daily basis, which they did.

6. We clean each work site as we go, as other customers can attest to, and it was never brought to our attention that there was an issue with a mess in the bathroom. If this did happen, you should have brought it to our attention and it would have been dealt with immediately.

7. From the time that you notified us that there were some minor issues that you wanted us to fix, it took Michael two weeks to get there. We apologize if you feel that this was an unreasonable time frame. Scheduling in the summer can be a challenge and Michael did get there as quickly as possible to resolve any outstanding issues. The only issues that he discovered were: a GFI in the kitchen had tripped and he showed your husband how to push the button on the receptacle to reset it. Additionally, there was a tripped breaker in the panel, which Michael showed him how to reset as well. These were tripped as a result of overloading the circuits by plugging in and operating too many appliances simultaneously. This is a common occurrence in any home when too many electrical appliances are being utilized.

Michael had a conversation with your husband when he came to your home about any perceived deficiencies in the workmanship and Jeff assured Michael that he was completely satisfied. We are sorry that you do not share his feeling. Should you have any future electrical issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. As you know, the work is under warranty and we will prioritize any call from you.