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About HomeStars

Learn about who we are, how we work, and how to contact us.

What is HomeStars?

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HomeStars was created in 2006 and is Canada’s largest online marketplace connecting homeowners with trusted home service professionals. Each year, almost 9 million Canadians visit HomeStars to find and hire a pro for their next home improvement project. There are more than 700,000 vetted reviews on HomeStars to help aid homeowners in making better hiring decisions. As an ANGI Homeservices company, HomeStars is part of a global network of home improvement marketplaces in Europe, the UK and the US, including Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. To learn more, visit our about us page.

How does HomeStars work?

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HomeStars is Canada’s #1 platform connecting homeowners to community-reviewed home service professionals. Nationwide, a homeowner visits HomeStars every 5 seconds to read reviews and find a pro for their next reno or repair project. With unique trust metrics readily available to help homeowners make smarter hiring decisions, including Star Score, Verification, and most importantly, reviews, home pros can lean on these tools to gain homeowner trust and win more jobs!

Want to learn more? Check out "Video: How HomeStars Works".

What is HomeStars’ contact number?

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Get in touch with us anytime; we're here to help. You may phone us at 1-877-488-0312 or fill out our Contact Us form.

How do I download the HomeStars for Pros app?

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Our top pros use the HomeStars for Pros App to respond to leads on the go, request reviews from happy customers, upload photos of their best work, and more!

Download the HomeStars for Pros app, or learn more about how our app can help you reach your business goals on HomeStars.

What does it mean to be Verified by HomeStars?

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The Verification badge spotted on upgraded profiles notifies homeowners that a pro is up-to-date in both legal and professional requirements and is a reliable and trustworthy business that homeowners can safely bring into their home. This badge can help trade pros gain homeowner trust and can set pros apart from the competition. The Verified badge is only available to upgraded customers and is placed on profiles once the pro has passed the necessary criteria as listed in this video about how to pass HomeStars Verification.

Your HomeStars Profile

Learn how to create a free profile, where to find HomeStars logos and more.

How do I create a free profile for my business on HomeStars?

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To create a free profile on HomeStars visit and register your business to get started.

How do I claim my business on HomeStars?

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  1. Search your business name and locate your profile on HomeStars.
  2. Claim it by selecting “CLAIM MY BUSINESS” on the right hand side of your profile.
Once claimed, manage it by requesting reviews, responding to reviews.

Can’t find your business? Create your free HomeStars profile here.

Where can I find the HomeStars logo?

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Our most successful pros are capitalizing on HomeStars’ widespread recognition in the home improvement space, and are including HomeStars logos in their marketing materials to influence profile visits and help earn more business. You can find our HomeStars logos in our Pro Centre, and tips on how to best use them.

Where can I find the Verification logo?

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Pros who are Verified can place logos on their websites, email signatures, window shops and more. If you’re a Verified pro you can find your Verification logo in your Marketing Toolkit on the desktop version of HomeStars. Simply, log into your HomeStars account on a desktop computer, select ‘Dashboard’ and then click on ‘Toolkit’ to find your Verification logo.

Need help locating HomeStars logos or your Marketing Toolkit? Connect with your Account Manager or call 1-800-701-9265.

What is HomeStars Star Score?

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Star Score is a dynamic calculation based on a pro’s interaction with previous customers. It takes into account:

Recency: How long it’s been since a company last had a review published.
Reputation: Is impacted if a business is caught writing fraudulent reviews, bullying homeowners and more.
Responsiveness: Measures quickly a company responds to leads and reviews.

Star Score is visible on all profiles and is calculated out of 100% and helps homeowners make informed hiring decisions. To learn more about Star Score check out HomeStars Star Score: How Does It Work?

Why can someone else create a listing for my business?

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The foundation of HomeStars is built upon the honest and verified reviews submitted by our homeowner community. We encourage homeowners to submit reviews following the completion of any home improvement project, and to add businesses they have hired who may not yet be a part of our network. This initiative helps us provide homeowners with full transparency and allows them to make informed hiring decisions.

How can I delete my HomeStars profile?

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We do not delete profiles on HomeStars, even if there are no reviews on the page. All profiles remain on the site to stay as transparent as possible to our community of homeowners and help them hire a pro they can trust.

If your company is out of business and no longer operating, we will mark the listing as "Out of Business" and remove the phone number so that potential customers do not contact you. Once a company is marked as "Out of Business", their reviews will remain on the page, regardless of status. If you're looking to mark your profile as "Out of Business" contact us at 1-800-701-9265.

What does the “formerly known as” field mean?

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Sometimes a business changes their name, however they’re still the same business or are under the same ownership as before. By including the ‘Formerly Known As’ field on a company’s listing, homeowners can see the reviews for a business before and after the name changes occurred. This is done to provide transparency so that our homeowner community can make informed hiring decisions. This also allows companies to showcase their reviews for work done under a different company name and not lose that valuable content.

What are the HomeStars Terms and Conditions for pros?

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You can find HomeStars Terms and Conditions for pros here.

What is the Pro Centre?

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The Pro Centre is an educational hub for pros to learn business tips on how to win more jobs, build a strong online reputation, SEO best practices and more! Plus, the HomeStars Pro Centre hosts a multitude of quick tutorials, HomeStars tips and tricks, and additional insights on how to make the most out of your partnership with us.

How do I reset my HomeStars password?

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Visit and select “Forgot your Password” at the bottom of the page.

Follow the next steps accordingly. Still having trouble logging in? Call us at 1-800-701-9265. We’re happy to help!

How do I cancel my HomeStars account?

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If you’re looking to cancel your upgraded HomeStars profile contact your dedicated Account Manager, or call 1-800-701-9265.
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HomeStars Reviews

Learn how to respond to reviews, how to add the HomeStars review widget, and more.

Are HomeStars reviews real?

The foundation of HomeStars is built upon the honest and verified reviews submitted by our homeowner community. What sets HomeStars reviews apart from other online review sites is that we have an entire team dedicated to verifying the content of reviews. Homeowners have security knowing HomeStars reviews are real and moderated.

How do I add the HomeStars review widget to my website?

The HomeStars review widget shars reviews in real time on your company website. It is only available for upgraded pros and can be accessed in your ‘Dashboard’ under ‘Toolkit’. Learn more about how to add the widget to your website and showcase your glowing reviews, today!

How do I request a review?

88% of homeowners read reviews before making a hiring decision. They help build trust and give prospects a reason to hire you. You can request a review using the HomeStars for Pros app or desktop version of HomeStars. To learn more watch “How to Request a Customer Review”.

How do I respond to a customer review?

Taking the time to respond to reviews shows past customers you value their time and appreciate them. Learn how to respond to homeowner reviews and show your gratitude in a few quick steps!

Can I write a review on my customer’s behalf?

Company owners and employees are not permitted to leave reviews on a customer’s behalf as per HomeStars’ Review Guidelines. Instead, request a review from the customer using the HomeStars for Pros app.

How do I change incorrect information in a review?

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Ex. wrong job price, postal code, user location, spelling mistake, review details.

HomeStars cannot make changes to a review, including information such as price, postal code, location, or a spelling mistake without the homeowner requesting such. The homeowner can either edit their review or can email to have the review or review details changed. We will not contact a user to update their information based on a company's request.

How many reviews can one customer/household write on my company?

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We allow one review to be left every six months per household, with a limit of three reviews per household for one company. For example, you cannot have every member of the household write a review for the same job. Users are only allowed to write one review per job done.

Why is my customer’s review not posted?

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All reviews are verified by our Content Integrity Team. This process can take up to 48 business hours from the time of submission. If the review was prompted for verification, and we do not receive a response to a verification email, the review may not be posted. If a customer is having a difficult time posting a review, they can always email for help.

What is a private user?

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A private user is a homeowner who has chosen not to reveal his or her identity in connection with their review. Reviews from private users receive the same scrutiny as all reviews on HomeStars. If after reading the review of a private user you are still unsure of who they are and do not believe you have serviced them, request an investigation.

Under what circumstances would HomeStars remove a review? What is a “defamatory” review?

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A review will only be removed if it does not meet our Review Guidelines or is defamatory. Defamatory reviews are ones that attack your character or your employees, or make outrageous claims that cannot be proven in court. If you believe a review on your profile does not meet HomeStars’ guidelines or is defamatory, submit the review for investigation and explain why you think it should not be posted.

Can homeowners edit their reviews?

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Yes, a reviewer can edit their review at any time. Every time edits are made to a review, the review is submitted for moderation by our Content Integrity Team. This will cause the review to be temporarily removed from the listing and a flag will appear while the team verifies the review. During this process, the Content Integrity Team can reject the newly updated review if it does not meet the Review Guidelines. If approved, you will be able to see versions of the review on your listing, and you will receive a notification email stating a previously approved review has been updated.

What do the different review banners/flags mean?

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Flags are our way of letting users know the reason for the status of a review on a page. Examples of flags include:

“This review has been flagged for verification.” This message will display when a review has been published but has been temporarily taken down from the site for verification, either by the request of the business or by HomeStars.

“This review has been removed by the author.” Sometimes reviewers change their minds and want their reviews removed. To keep transparency on the site, we remove the review and keep the flag up to let users know a previously posted review.

If I have a HomeStars profile, how do I leave a review if I hire a home service pro for my home?

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In order to leave a review on HomeStars, you must have a homeowner account. To create a homeowner profile on HomeStars, visit

What do you do with my customer’s information when they write a review?

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We only collect your customer's information for review verification purposes. We do not share or sell customer information. We cannot release contact details or personal information about users unless required by law, as per the HomeStars Privacy Policy.

What is a Star Reviewer?

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Homeowner users who are Star Reviewers have a badge under their display name that appears on all their reviews. Gold, Silver and Bronze Star Reviewer badges are awarded to the most engaged, active and trustworthy HomeStars users based on specific site activity that meets the Star Reviewer badging criteria.
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Homeowner Connections

Learn how to connect with more homeowners, accept and decline leads, and more.

How does HomeStars help me connect with customers?

We are the go-to for Canadians searching for trusted, community-reviewed pros. Over 9 million homeowners visit HomeStars each year looking to hire a pro for their next home improvement, reno or repair project. Upgraded pros in our network get maximum exposure to these project-ready homeowners, meaning more eyes on your business and more opportunity to tell your story and connect with your next customer. Improve your chances of making homeowner connections by utilizing our reputation tools like reviews, Verification and Star Score to help build your brand, increase trust, and convert more visitors into customers.

How do I accept or decline new leads?

Homeowners come to HomeStars looking to connect with pros for their next home renovation or repair projects, and accepting leads is crucial to winning the job. Watch and learn how to accept and decline leads on the HomeStars for Pros app and desktop version of HomeStars and connect with your next customer!

HomeStars Best of Awards

Learn how your business can qualify for a Best of Award.

What is a HomeStars Best of Award?

The HomeStars Best of Awards celebrate our tops pros who demonstrate unparalleled integrity, consistency, and customer service. Pros who win a Best of Award have a Best of Award badge placed on their profile to help gain homeowner trust and drive more homeowner connections.

How do I qualify for a HomeStars Best of Award?

The annual HomeStars Best of Awards celebrate pros who have consistently collected great reviews, have excellent customer service and continuously aim for a job well done. If you are interested in learning more about how to be crowned a Best of Award winner, call us at 1-877-488-0312, or if you’re already an upgraded HomeStars customer, contact your dedicated Account Manager to learn about this year's criteria.

How do I order Best of Award decals?

Best of Award decals are only available to Best of Award winners and are available while quantities last. To order yours, visit our Pro Centre decal page.
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