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Interior designers play a major role in transforming a four-walled house into an oasis of calm. They help homeowners to make spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing by selecting essential and decorative elements. They also work closely with painters, contractors,  and professionals in the window business. We talked to one such firm, ShutterLux, from the GTA which supports local interior designers by providing aesthetically pleasing, functional and quality California shutters. They offer an exclusive ShutterLux partner program that can complement your interior design business.

Who is ShutterLux?

ShutterLux is a Canadian firm that specializes in the production, delivery, and installation of quality white California shutters available in more than 12 configurations made of PVC in the GTA and southern Ontario.

What is the ShutterLux Partner Program?

ShutterLux believes in supporting small local businesses and actively seeks companies within the “homebuilding” ecosystem such as interior designers to partner with. This exclusive partner program is currently available in Ontario only.

How does the ShutterLux Partner Program benefit Interior Designers?

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  • Partner Pricing: Companies who are part of the ShutterLux Partner Program will be able to place an order for their California shutters at a very competitive price.
  • Partner Training: For interior designers based in Ontario who are interested in selling ShutterLux’s California shutters to their customers, ShutterLux will provide the relevant training and technical support. Their excellent service team can also accompany the partners to the customer visits for a free, no-obligation consultation when and as required so you can close the deal more seamlessly.
  • Partner Samples: ShutterLux provides their partners with the relevant shutter samples as well as sample boxes containing the different shutter parts/materials. This visual aid helps with your demo meetings with your customers.
  • Partner Marketing Support: The ShutterLux marketing team works with interior designers in a very hands-on approach, providing them with relevant support in the form of sales assets, materials and content. They also publish articles or content that features the partners on ShutterLux’s owned media channels like their website, blog and social media channels. This approach enables you to leverage ShutterLux’s brand positioning to improve your own online presence.
  • Showroom Space: ShutterLux offers its partners showroom space to host their events or workshops with a capacity to hold a maximum of 40 people. This showroom space has a modern, clean, and stylish look and feel which helps the attendees to stay engaged. Partners simply have to notify the ShutterLux marketing team in advance to book the space.

How long do interior designers have to commit to ShutterLux’s partner program?

ShutterLux offers a 3-month trial period to all their partners. During this period, you can assess the benefits of this partnership closely, understand how it works, get acquainted with their processes and avail of the support they offer. Once the trial period is over, you can sign an agreement with ShutterLux to continue this beneficial partnership.

After signing the contract with ShutterLux, what does the order placement & delivery process look like?

Examples of ShutterLux exclusive product California Shutters

Once you decide to include California shutters in one of your proposals, you can get in touch with ShutterLux and follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Quotation: Submit the correct window measurements and specifications to ShutterLux, who will then provide a quotation to you with the estimated lead time within 1-2 business days.
  • Step 2: Confirmation: You can notify ShutterLux once your customer confirms the order.
  • Step 3: Payment: 40% of the contractual value needs to be made upon confirmation of the order.
  • Step 4: Order processing: Once ShutterLux accepts the order and receives the 40% deposit, all relevant work will be completed within 7 business days (this will also depend on the volume of the order).
  • Step 5: Installation: Once the California shutters have been produced, ShutterLux will contact you to arrange the date and time for installation at your customer’s location. Alternatively, if you have existing contractors who are working on-site and would like to take care of the installation, that can be arranged as well.
  • Step 6: Post-installation: Please check with your customer once the California shutters have been installed. If there are any issues, please notify ShutterLux within 2 days.

For interior designers based in the GTA, ShutterLux is a good company to partner with as they are a Toronto-based firm that produces, delivers, and installs quality California shutters made of PVC. Interior designers can take advantage of the competitive pricing that they offer, training and technical support, and access to marketing materials and assets. In addition, as interior designers, you can use their showroom space to host design workshops as well as events to improve your networking, which benefits your business.

To learn more about the ShutterLux partner program, connect with their team today!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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