Customer Spotlight: 24/7 Electric

24/7 Electric

Electricians and Lighting - Calgary, AB

Member Since: March 2015

98% (Star Score)
241 Reviews
Best of Award Winner
HomeStars Verified
175 jobs closed in 1 year averaging $600 each
120 Leads
228 Phone Clicks
270 Website Clicks
618 Total Homeowner Connections
100% Increase in Leads
175 Jobs Closed from Homeowner Connections
5 Jobs Needed to Cover Annual Subscription Costs
5,328 Profile Views
22,997 Views in HomeStars Search
“HomeStars reviews are vetted and monitored which gives our customers true confidence in hiring our business. Plus, HomeStars has increased our exposure online and helped us build a strong reputation.”

- Stacey Walton, Co-Owner, 24/7 Electric
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