Was billed for 3 hours of work when actual time was 2.5 hours. Said no submersible pump available bc all pumps were being fixed in shop!. Did not seem to know what to do with sump situation anyways. He said he could not see that I have pipes inside the sump! Is he for real??? Further he said that I do not have a sewer back up bc of the lack of sewage smell. Now for sure I know he does not know what To do with a sewer back up...LOL. He took pictures of my toilet full of water and my sump with high levels of water. He snaked a clean out, basement shower and basement toilet which he took off. The obvious thing to do was look into the sump first to determine a sewer back up two other plumbers had said. Told me he will be back on Monday to finish the job. This was on a Saturday. He gave me the option of calling in a pump truck which would have cost me approximately $800 to pump the water out of my sump. I called in a plumber from another company and he fixed the sewer back up within the hour. I was clearly fleeced by Clearly Plumbing for big bucks!

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