I had a new roof installed including soffitts and fascia, new siding and new windows installed in 2007. Last year 2010, I was getting extensive water leaking in around the windows. I had a number of people come and look at the problem with a variety of suggestions. I hired Rainbow as they were recommended by the insurance website. Snce these isses can be difficult to resovle without seeing the problem, we came up with a plan. We would look inside and see what we found. As iturned out, there was extensive damage under the new siding. The old soffitt was still installed under the new soffitt blocking air flow in the attic and also directing water from the roof into the walls and subsequently leaking out the windows. The windows and bulding wrap were also improperly installed. Rainbow staff uncovered the issue, explained clearly what was happening and provided a clear explanation how to resolve the issue. Staff were prompt, friendly, professional and went above and beyond to resolve a difficult and complex issue. My issue is resolved and I now have a solid grasp of what is behind my walls. We have had a number of severe weather storms and there is no water coming in. Not only that, but the outside appearance was improved with a remarkable attention to detail. I am very satisfied with this company and I would highly highly recommend them.

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