While I would like to give a better rating, since I did find Ron to be nice and courteous and fit my job in quickly, I am rating a 3/5 and am hesitant to recommend this company. I overall felt that they did a satisfactory job but did not do as detailed and thorough a cleaning as I wanted. I hired Preservation to clean a new workshop that had been occupied by a wood working and copper shop, so dust was a problem. The unit has high ceilings with a lot of exposed pipes and beams where dust has collected. I had cleaned for 2 days myself prior to them coming and had cleaned a lot but was not able to reach up high. They got much of the dust out of the place but left several areas up high on pipes that were not completed and where dust still sat untouched. I noticed some areas while they were still there so they cleaned them, but continued to noticed more areas that had not been cleaned after they had left, in a hurry. I contacted Ron to follow up but he just said they tried their best, but did not offer to rectify to my satisfaction. About 65% was cleaned, which is why I am giving 3 stars, and am hesitant to recommend them because they did not do as thorough a job as I had expected.

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