Crew of 2 arrived within a half hour of the designated time. Set-up was quick and work got underway quickly. The job was to add additional insulation and to re-insulate a 10 by 10 foot area that a house inspection picked up as missing any insulation. Process flowed along fairly well and then in pulling back the hose to get at the closer area to the attic hatch, the connection on the hose came apart in the middle and we got several inches of cellulite in a small room where the attic hatch was. A bit of a mess, put luckily the house owner had a shop vac to do some emergency clean up.

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Company Response

Hey Dave
Thanks for your time in writing the review!
I'm disappointed to hear you had less than a 10/10 experience. Definitely appreciate and respect the honest review and will use this experience in the future to better serve our clients.
Next time please don't pull on the hose hahaha
;) JK
Talk with ya soon