When I found my hot water tank leaking, I called Oosterveld if they do water heaters, as I had my furnace and air conditioning installed by them about 18 months before and was quite satisfied with their service. The office asked me to contact Phil, and I left a message. Either he was busy or we were playing telephone tags, a couple of weeks went by before I was able to get hold of him. He confirmed that Oosterveld also have water heaters, and to my surprise Phil said that if I wanted to, I could get one installed the following day. As this fits well with my schedule, I accepted the offer and the following day the duo of Spencer and Peter arrived on time. Spencer had been at my place before during the installation of the furnace, and I met Peter the first time. The duo worked well together and it was quite a pleasure to interact with them. They cajoled with each other and brought me into the conversation quite naturally. A fantastic team and a real effective PR for the company. They didn't waste time in doing their job while talking all the time, and finished the job in an hour. That is even including the mandatory replacement of the ABS exhaust piping with the currently specified PVC piping. My hat off to them. Having had two critical jobs done by Oosterveld within less than two years, and with a very satisfactory result, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oosterveld to my friends, as they have excellent teams with all round services.

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