The customer service was horrible. I ordered a chair from Article (no issue with them, responsive) and it arrived broken. Don’t know whose fault if was, just wanted it fixed. Article was quick to respond however dreaded having to deliver again. The first time was days of phone tag. So phone tag started again, I finally said, listen, I’m available Friday afternoon, if that works just leave me a voicemail and book it, if not we keep trying. Keep getting calls no voicemails. I call back (every time call about 6 yikes trying to get a real damn person) and day again, I left a vm, can do it this time, yes or no, please call back and acknowledge you have listened to the message. Nope!!! Get an anonymous call with an automated vm saying they are coming 8-11 in the morning, doesn’t work. I call back say as such. Get a text asking to confirm the morning delivery (at 4:50, they close at 5), this is for the next day. Of course phone and phone nobody there, ask how they can do this with me never confirming and explicitly beg for them to contact me. Just in case I leave my ringer on, 7:30 am next day I get a call from delivery guys telling me they are arriving, seriously, I tell them what’s up, they more or less say now or you go through this again, I get up say screw it, sit in the lobby explain the ordeal to security (who I never got to arrange this delivery with) and they don’t show. I call and they say, oh we thought we would let you sleep so went somewhere else. Seriously??! You think you could have told me as I sit for 30 min in my pjs in the lobby. Awful awful organization. Guys were nice enough, actually unpacked to ensure everything was fine, but c’mon.

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