Worst store & experience ever ! If there is less than 0 to rate this store , staff , their rate will be - 100 They know nothing about customer service at all ... Amy Makintoush is super super rude & totally unprofessional ! The funny part They say she is the store manger ( what a joke !! ) We ordered some art work in Nov /2017 , they said upon order that they will take 8 weeks to arrive ... I called the store at the end of the period , spoke with the lady ( Andrea ) who did our order , who is nice and polite , she said she is not sure about the art work , and she will call me back in few days .... I didn’t hear back , I called the store spoke with her again : she said they will arrive by the end of the week or early next week , and that I’ll hear back from them by then .. waited for more than 10 days , no call back ! I called the store last Tuesday , Andrea wasn’t there , they put me through to the manager (Amy ) , who was very rude to start with , she started to tell me : the art work will never arrive except after 12 weeks ! I told her I was told that it should be there last week !!!! She raised her voice immediately and said who told you this : I said Andrea , she said she doesn’t know any thing and she made a mistake about that ! The art work needs 12 weeks to arrive !! I asked her politely : mistake ???!! How come if I already called the store 10 days ago and they confirmed that the art work is coming next week !! She raised her voice more and said : Its what it’s , it’s a mistake and you have to understand that !! I asked her not to raise her voice st me , and I said : mistake twice !!! At the time of buying , and when I called back to check .... it doesn’t make sense to me .... She continued been over rude , and said she will check with Andrea and get back to me in 2 days ... I told her I need to know as I might be unable to wait for that long .. 6 days passed and no call back , I called today , and Amy answered : who was extremely impolite and rude and I told her , I was expecting a call from you , she answered in a very baaad manner , saying we couldn’t do any thing for you , the art work needs 12 weeks , and that’s it ... I advised her , but you were supposed to let me know about it either or !!! She said yaaaa , I know , but I’m busy and I don’t have time for you now .... I advised her that her way of talking is been rude , and not acceptable ... she raised her voice atme more , and said if you don’t like it don’t come here .... I don’t want to sell you !!! Now we paid for the art work on Nov .... And you didn’t make your promises in time , And I have been chasing behind you to follow up , and there is not been even one courtesy call about that from the whole store .. And at the end you are telling me , it’s s mistake ! And then we don’t want to sell you .... I advise them to cancel all the order , as we don’t have to deal with extreme unprofessional attitude & rudeness . This Amy lack the skills of a sales person , she is super impolite and rude & have no manners at all ... This is suppose to be 5 stars store , what a shame this is how you treat your customers Guess what , this is 2nd time we have issues with their customer services .... we bought furniture last year from this store for more than 60,000 $ And their post sale services are less than Zero for sure ! Less than 0 Zerooo Last time at this store ! I don’t recommend at all ! Very unprofessional

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Company Response

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to me today and discussing the delay of your artwork.
As explained, one of the 2 pieces of artwork has had a delay, however is expected sometime next week (approximately 2 weeks later than anticipated). I’m very sorry that we didn’t communicate this delay to you more effectively. We take great pride in providing the ultimate customer experience, and truly apologize for your sub-optimal experience. As per your request, we have canceled the delayed art off your order, and have tentatively booked the delivery of the other artwork for this Saturday. Thank you again! Natalie Papia, President