Honey B's is GREAT! Barb has great taste and the items in her store are amazing. I purchased a vanity for my fiance and Barb was even willing to store it for me in the back of the shop for a month just so I could keep it a surprise! Definitely the first place we check out when we decide to buy furniture or decorations.

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The old location was very dirty and dingy. The new location (off of Barlow Trail) is much cleaner, unfortunately it is quite a ways off the beaten trail for most people. That being said, the selection of fish is still phenomenal, but the reptile section could still use some work.

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Much better than petland in terms of selection and the quality of advice and service provided by staff. As a local store (and not a huge chain), they are more flexible with customers and more willing to help you out. A great selection of pet products and probably the best fish selection in Calgary!

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A great product, just make sure you are very clear with them before they install the alarm system and send the first bill. We were promised numerous promotions beforehand, then were charged for them on our first bill! It was a pain to get the charges removed. Overall, once everything was set up, it is a very good service though.

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