The owner & operator of this company "Mike Griffin" built a large deck for me 3 months ago at my house(March, 2011). The whole experience was terrible. The deck was not built in one day as adverised. Infact, getting just getting the deck built in one weekend was a hassle fot this guy. Since then, I have noticed bad pieces of wood everywhere. The materials used were just terrible. There is bad wood on the ralings and on the decking itself. I understand this can happen. I called Mike and very politely asked him to come around and have a look & asked they be replaced. His attitude was just horrible. He basically just brushed me off so rudely & said he would be there in "a couple of weeks when he was in my area" (I live in central Toronto). It has been well over a month now and Mike Griffin ignores all of my emails & calls to him. He has completely shut us out. I now have to hire another Decking company to come & replace all the bad boards, although apparently "Griffin Construction" offers a 5 year warranty. DO NOT hire this operation. If there's a problem, Mike Griffin will not even acknowledge you exist! If you have any questions about my experience with Griffin Construction & getting the deck built, please contact me.

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Our policy is simple. We don't take any money to the job is done. When you’re happy with the job you pay the total. Just like there are bad contractors there are bad customers as well. I informed this customer that I couldn't start on a Friday and needed to push to the Monday because two of my guys were sick. The customer then threatened to cancel the job even though I had removed the old deck, dug the new holes and had the material on site. So I brought one guy who could still work but was new to my company and it took me two days to do this job. At which time it snowed after I built it which was before he sealed the deck. A classic example of building the deck too early which I told him about. He was in a hurry because he wanted to rent out his basement. We build over 120 decks per year. If you don't have a customer that’s unhappy than you haven’t been working long enough. You can’t please everyone all the time.