Be very careful if you buy from this company, I bought 900 sq ft. of hardwood and while talking to the salesperson I stated I had included 15% for waste but maybe should get a bit more to be sure and was told I could return them. I bought an extra two boxes and when the job was done I had just over three boxes left, I wanted to keep the one full box and the opened box but when I went to return the other two I was told they only take 5 boxes or more and even if they did take the two they charge 50% restocking fee none of which were mentioned when I bought the flooring. I’m out $275.00 but maybe you can learn from my expense. As for your reply the salesperson SHOULD have told me about the restocking fee before I purchased it as I already told him I had allowed 15%, I wouldn’t have pick up two extra boxes. I also told him that the job would take me a couple of months to complete and no mention of the 30 day return

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We are very sorry about this situation. We do apply restocking fees 30 days after material has been picked up as stated on the invoice. This is a restocking fee that is applied through our suppliers, we follow what our suppliers charge for returned closed boxes.

We did look into your order and have noticed that you purchased and picked up the product months ago, on the invoice provided to you is our terms and conditions which states the terms that I have stated above. You are well past the 30 day window of full returns.

50% is very high as our restocking fee is 30%. So we would love to resolve this for you as soon as possible. If you could please contact us right away at, we would be happy to resolve this issue for you and see what we can do.

Thank you,

Service Manager
Yousef Almane