My experience with Oneway Construction was very unpleasant. Here are the course of events. February 14, 2018- signed a contract with Oneway Construction for bathroom and kitchen renovation. Gave Wesley Hunt a 50% deposit by cheque in the amount of $4,407, which was cashed immediately. Wesley verbally guaranteed that the work would be completed by April 30. By the end of April, Wesley apologized for not being able to start the job because of delays in previous projects (according to him) and said that he would start May 18 which did not happen. May 22- Oneway Construction came and took measurements and Wesley said he would get back to me with a start date which he never did. June 4- Oneway Construction e-mailed me that a relative was very sick and they couldn’t start any new projects. I was offered the option of getting a full deposit refund. The same day I e-mailed back that I did want a full deposit refund. As of July 2, no refund has been given to me, even though I was promised several times that a certified cheque would be delivered to my home. Every time there was a different excuse why they couldn’t bring or mail the cheque. Also, they completely ignored a letter from a lawyer that I hired about demanding payment. All previous reviews that I read about this company do not jibe with my experience, which is puzzling. Based on my interaction with Oneway Construction, they do not seem to have a code of ethics or professional behaviour. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the quality of work as it was never delivered.

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Company Response

To whom this may concern,

Mrs. Wolfe agreed to have her small repair project fit in between bigger projects when a time in the schedule became available. After only one week Mrs. Wolfe became very eager to have it done, even though the agreement was to fit her project when time became available, no set date was given. We received the deposit when the contract was signed, the deposit cheque was deposited two days later, not realizing this would be an issue.
We gave Mrs. Wolfe the option for refund of deposit since she decided not to wait any longer for when time became available between bigger projects as originally agreed upon. Mrs. Wolfe decided to terminate the contract- We processed the contract termination letter in a timely manner, and refund shortly after when the letter was signed. Unfortunately my mother has been diagnosed with advanced cancer and I had to go out of town for this purpose which delayed the cheque delivery by a couple of days. July 2nd was Canada day holiday, therefore the refund cheque was delivered on July 3rd in full when our offices reopened after the long weekend.
We kept contact with Mrs. Wolfe throughout the whole process. All of our customers have been more than understanding with my family's unfortunate situation except Mrs. Wolfe.

We wish Mrs. Wolfe and her family all the best and it's unfortunate that her experience with our company was disappointing as she states above. We strive in customer satisfaction and quality services.

Sincere regards,
Oneway Construction