I feel very let down. I am suffering from bed bugs and still have them. They couldn't get rid of them. They charged me 1200 for the service of my 1700 sqft house with 1 year guarantee. First try they couldnt do it. They also damaged my tv and bed set. When I try to get it done second time according to the guarantee they blamed me for not working and charged me 250.00 a second time. Again No Luck still have them but now my carpet is burned, blinds damaged and my flooring is bubbled. They say their experts but they are not. I felt like I needed to tear my house down. FYI I am taking We clean to court to get money for the damages. I just dont want any one else to suffer. I should have read the reviews from before. Pictures of damages below. I was able to get a bit of their blue fan in one of the pictures to prove it was them. NOT GOOD PPL!

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Company Response

This same person left a fake review on BBB.

He was told to provide contract and the contract was a fake.

This is a fake negative review from one of our ex-employee having a grudge against the company after be let go. You will find many fake negative review from him starting from August 2017.