Was quoted by Lino to fix pipes and turn water back on for $310. I said let's do it. He broke the wall, fixed one pipe then found 3 more broken pipes. He didn't fix the others and all of a sudden the price jumped from $310 to $510. I was confused, so I told him to leave. I paid almost $600 for 1 pipe fixed and the water still not on. Very disappointing. When I called to explain the overcharge, I was told by the manager that he didn't quote me at $310 which he most certainly did. Very unprofessional and disrespecful behaviour. I also recently found out that he burned the insulation behind my bathroom sink instead of using a part to save it. This will now add another step for my bathroom reno. Save your money and go with another company.

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Company Response

Hi Nina,

Your recollection of events from our service visit on January 10, 2018 is untruthful. When you contacted our office regarding a burst pipe in your washroom, we dispatched our plumber to your property to assess your situation. Upon further investigation, our plumber informed you that he would have to break open the wall in the washroom in order to diagnose where the leak was coming from. He also informed you that the cost to break open the wall to investigate the leak would be $190.00+H.S.T. to which you agreed. Upon your approval of the cost, our plumber opened the wall and found the leak to be coming from the toilet. He informed you that the cost to fix the burst pipe behind the toilet would be $320.00+H.S.T. Once again, you agreed to the cost and to the work and informed our plumber that you did not want the toilet to be removed. Upon completion, our plumber turned on the water and discovered another leak coming from the hose bib. He advised you that the cost to fix the burst pipe from the hose bib inside would be $260.00+H.S.T. You declined on the repair and stated to our plumber that you were insured with Enercare whom you tried to call but they informed you that they would not be able to make a house visit for the next three days which resulted in you calling a Plumbing Company. Subsequently, another leak was discovered from a burst pipe under your vanity sink. You informed our plumber that you would have Enercare fix the issue and you asked our plumber to break open the wall to expose the pipe as Enercare did not cover that aspect of the work. Our plumber kindly exposed the wall and removed the vanity sink for you at no additional cost. Once the wall was open, our plumber advised you of another burst pipe on the cold water pipe. You were very happy with our services and paid without any complaints. You only contacted our office to complain after Enercare made a house visit and made negative comments to you about our company and services.

Our plumber provided you with step-by-step up-front pricing and only delivered the services to which you agreed upon. The services delivered to you by New Canadian Drain & Plumbing has been efficient and professional from beginning to end and we stand by our customer service and workmanship with confidence.