After on-going issues with a 120 year old, shared, private sewer connection and tree root intrusion causing several backups we hired Mister Plumber. Andrew tried the maintenance route via snaking to remove tree roots which was effective short term but long term the pipes were deteriorating and in danger of outright collapse so we asked several plumbers for quotes and Mister Plumber presented the most viable proposal to address the issue and minimize disruption to the existing structure. Igor did an excellent job of detailing the work, helping with my interaction with the city on the permits and the city side of the work and then completing our new connection to the city wastewater system.

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Hi Dirk, thank you for your review. Sewer and main drain are considered as essential services for every house. Even a small issue with an underground waste pipe might cause severe damage to the property. Clearing a clogged sewer with a snake machine only gives a temporary solution and doesn't fix the source of the problem. Root presence in main drain indicates an existence of cracks which serve as entry points. Replacement of an old clay pipe with PVC is more expensive compared to snaking, but provides permanent solution. Igor and the other master licensed plumbers have 20+ years experience in repairs, replacement and new installation of drain systems in Toronto. Our personal approach saves time and money for our customers. Your evaluation of the job we did makes us proud and gives us more incentive in providing prompt drain and plumbing services in Toronto. Thanks, Mister Plumber team.