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He is a licensed gas technician who provided a new exhaust fan and cleaned my high efficiency furnace for $500. Others wanted to replace my furnace. He is on his own, but I can say he is competent. When he cleaned my furnace, he took the blower out and lub the shafts afterwards. I got him from Kijiji. Others charge over $100 for taking the blower out to clean. He charges $80. The $500 includes furnace problem assessment. He can do small jobs, but he can't change a furnace.

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I had several roofs done by Al's roofing. The workmanship on the new roof was OK, but the follow up was crap. One roof was leaking well before the 25 year shingle life. One of the plastic roof vent was damaged by animals in the another job. They keep promising they will replace the vent. Spring comes, they just refused to honour their promises and hang up on me. There was no wire screen under the vents to keep the animals out. This had to be done by another contractor. At the installation, I've asked them to put metal vents instead of the cheap plastic ones. They said if they do that, the warantee would be void. Two years later, another vent came off. They said it was done by animals so it was not covered under the warantee. They hung up on me again. One more thing...before the job, their saleperson promised to give warantee with no pro rating. However, that is not what it is written in the warantee. I made him change the wording before payment. If there is a claim, you can expect them to make any excuses to find a way out. *************************************Update: Not only the follow up was bad, they misrepresent on my previous comments. For the record, they did replace the cheap plastic vent the first time with another plastic one. But the second time, they said they would replace it, but never followed up on their promise. They mislead the client when they have no intentions of replacing the vents. At the end, they were rude. In their own words "I don't like you" then hang up. And the bit about me not following up with animal services. I heired another contractor to put stainless steel mesh underneath the vents to stop the animals from entering the roof. No animal service can prevent the animals from returning. The third time was when I left an message on their answering machine 2:30 am, but that was over 2 years from the previous incident. The root problem was those cheap plastic vents. One company did another new roof for me advised they use aluminum ones instead of plastic ones for that reason. The plastic ones are about half the cost of aluminum ones. That's the real reason Al's roofing used the plastic vents the first place. And no, the recent call never explained about warantee or racoon removal. He just rudly said "It was done by a racoon. Don't call here again" and hang up. Not even to offer to replace the damaged vent for a fee. And no, I never said "to keep replacing them". They are making things up. If I would say anything, I would say "Replace those cheap plastic vents with aluminum ones. "

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Unfortunately, this paticular customer expected our company to keep replacing the vents on his roof that were being destroyed by raccoons. We attended at his residence on two different occasions and replaced the vents at no charge and informed him that he needed to contact an animal removal service. He refused and said it was up to our company to keep replacing them. The last time he called to complain that the raccoons had again trashed a vent his call was made at approximately two thirty in the morning. We informed him that we would no longer perform this service for free as it was not covered under the warranty and he would have to pay AFTER having the raccoons removed.