I went there to return a bathroom vanity and cabinet because the size was too big. The customer representative was extremely friendly and polite. May be I am used to the services in Ikea North York. She had to ask for the manager's approval and issue store credit as I did not have a receipt. The whole return process took a little more than 10 minutes but the way they treat customer was really professional. I went to the store the purchase the smaller size vanity, and have difficulty located one of the items in the warehouse area. A staff came and helped us and brought us the right item from the as-is. The line was short and moved quickly. The entire experience was great. Highly recommended.

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Rona staff referred me to Hudson when I was looking for a specific coupling to install a new kitchen faucet. Upon arriving at the Supply store, it was smaller than I expected. Customers only have access to a counter, where you are served by the staff. There were one customer in front of me, which was a contractor. Another contractor comes in after me and was served first There was even a posted sign which says "Priority given to account holders", so they obviously favor contractors. One of the staff was actually reading newspaper all this time rather than assisting customers. So after 20 minutes of waiting, a junior staff came and helped me. I explain my situation and the connection part that I was looking for (showing her the faucet I have), she failed to find the right part for my need. Eventually a senior staff stepped in and say the part I was looking for does not existing but there is a workaround for it. I took his advice and bought the parts for the workaround. Although I did get what I needed, I was very disappointed how they treated their “general public” customers, and would recommend anyone to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

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