We decide on Ikea because it was within our budget to purchase a modern style kitchen with lots of organizing features. We got the more expensive cabinets as that was our first choice. They were very good about delivery and we received all parts as ordered. Do double check orders though, as there are many little parts. We bought during a promo and were able to purchase an island with the gift card we received. They were easy to put together even in our non-square and non-level old victorian home. Love how everything is so organized now!

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The design of this faucet is very modern and goes well with our kitchen design. The cost was within our budget, so we decided on this one. Although we are quite happy with it, the water pressure is very very poor and I also noticed that it had calcium buildup at the spout end after only 4 months. I wouldn't recommend this faucet as I think we will have to replace it fairly soon. If that is the case, we should have spent the extra money on a more reputable brand.

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