In 2014 we hired local College Pro Painters Franchisee Ian Ouwerkerk to paint our older flat stucco home. The surface was very chalked and Ian understood this going into the project. We noted that the prep would be critical in the success of the job. The pressure wash and chemical application was done in the rain. One painter showed up to paint the whole house, a high two story, a 6000 square foot two story building. We were quoted two coats, we only observed the painter moving around the large wall areas one time. Within 30 days the paint began popping off the surface. They came and scraped and patched the first wall that peeled. It continued to peel off on that wall and the other three as well. We have had 4 different College Pro reps here since the claim was filed in early 2015. Each rep is sympathetic, promises to get the claim rolling, brings over the paint Rep and nothing ever happens. After 3 years of calling, each spring College Pro sends over a new local rep who can't find any prior documentation of the claim and wants to start everything over again. I have asked for their legal department contact and a head office manager contact. None has been forthcoming to date. I believe College Pro is trying to blame the paint manufacturer and the Paint Manufacturer is blaming improper preparation for the failure. I have had the job inspected by another professional , one that I have hired to do my commercial buildings, and he stated clearly an elastomeric paint should have been used and a strong chemical acid treatment applied before painting. His opinion was neither was done properly. The house has to be sand blasted now or hand scraped back to the original chalked surface before a proper job can be done. Dealing with College Pro is a nightmare, our house looks like an abandoned warehouse and we feel ignored. I would strongly caution anyone considering hiring a local College Pro Franchisee to do any work. Their warranty is worse than worthless.

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