I usually don't write bad reviews but this time I feel the business should have at least notify me before they start doing the job. So here it goes. I was quoted two packages to clean my house windows. One with the sills clean and the other ones without. I picked the one with the sills and frame clean and expect to have them clean. Unfortunately that did not happen. They scheduled my appointment on a Saturday so I can be at home to see how they do the service, instead, they called me on the Friday saying it's better to clean it that day which I can't be home since I am at work. They say they do it all the time for customers so I trusted them and agreed to it. When I got home, I noticed the windows were not property clean as I anticipated so I called them to complain. They say they would come back to clean to my satisfaction. This morning they came and argued with me those were stains and cannot be remove with just regular window cleaning. If I pay extra or use the chemical they can get those stains out. They should have let me know those stains or dirt cannot be remove before starting the job and not until after customer complain about it. Terrible customer service and workmanship. I would stay away from these guys. Update: September 12, 2017 The owner of this company gave me a call to discuss the situation. He agrees his staff did not handle the situation correctly and apologized. Based on my experience, he have revised his company policy to state the hard water stains might not be able to remove just with regular cleaning in the quote. Also additional training have been provided to his staff in case this scenario happen again in the future. The owner also agree to re-wash the windows to my satisfaction.

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Company Response

We take your feedback very seriously and we are very sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. It was truly not our intention.
We have updated our policies regarding quotation of hard water stains and other conditions to make sure there are no surprises. Although hard water stains can be difficult to detect prior to the beginning of the job, we will do our very best to make sure the customer is let know in advance what the job will entail.
Even though we were not able to provide you with a service to your satisfaction initially, we made sure to uphold our integrity and were happy to redo the necessary work (hard water stain removal, exterior window cleaning) again to make sure it was to your satisfaction with a full refund.
We will continue working hard to deliver the best customer service experience through extensive training and development of our team!