My background: I would consider myself a very knowledgeable homeowner with an extensive technical background. Given my background, my standards tend to be much higher than the average homeowner. The Good: - Nani is pleasant to deal with and truly worked with me to design a PV solution that met my goals. He possesses the technical knowledge to converse at a very low level or at a high level depending on the audience needs. He is able to work with homeowners who range from being very "hands-on" (like myself) to homeowners who choose to be "hands-off". - Nani entertained my "outside the box" ideas on PV panel layout, wattage and type. We worked together to design an optimal mixed 72 cell (Poly) PV panel and 60 cell (Mono) PV panel design to get to an optimal total 10kW PV system. Fortunately the roof design of my house allows for the mismatched 72 cell panels to fit and additionally to be hidden from street view preserving aesthetics. - On install day, the PV Panel Installer was on time and had a pleasant attitude. He worked quickly with no issues. - The Electrician had a pleasant attitude and located the utility boxes and wiring runs per my specifications. - The power generation forecasts that Nani provided in his original proposal was indeed within the ballpark of actuals. My system has only been up and running for 6 months and we've had more rain than normal so far this year. As expected my actuals are coming in slightly below projections at the moment. One small item that could have been better with my experience: - My system design solution includes power backup. Although I'm confident Nani's team can successfully deliver my power backup solution, it has taken longer than expected. Due to Nani's availability, we've agreed that work on this solution will start in September. To summarize, Nani's team successfully installed my 10 kW PV system based on my custom component design, wiring layout and inverter location. Overall I'm happy with my experience with Nani and New Dawn Energy. I would hire them again.

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Company Response

Thanks Bruce for your business and taking time to share your experience of going solar with New Dawn Energy Solutions. As you know the delay in your backup solutions and entirely due us; we will endeavour our best to provide a back up solution that will meet all the requirements.