Southern Cross Plumbing has hired at my building, to replace Kitec piping. I have a small condo unit. On paper they looked good, promising minimal inconvenience, quality work, and finishing the walls after the piping is replaced. Work was scheduled to go on for 5 days, and I dropped in multiple times in all days, to see how things are done. Here are my observations: - they started the work 2 days later than scheduled, and finished 2 days later - from the 5 days, 1 full day was spent to make minimal cuts to the walls, replace piping, and secure back the drywall pieces with screws(kudos for the plumbers used) - for this stage, some furniture was plastic sheet covered, but dents created by this work was not later repaired - for the next 2.5 days they did not do any work on my unit, and they did not not tell me this, but water was back in all taps - they quickly fixed the drywall cuts, filled in the cuts, and prepared the walls for painting; this took less than half day - the above job was not terrible, but pretty bad; whatever holes were not very visible, were not fixed; - for the above step they used minimal cover for floors and zero for furniture(they used some cover just to show they had it on) - painting and finishing touches were done on less than 2 hours, some floor covering was used. Overall the plumbing work was good, the finishing job was bad, they caused much more mess then it was expected from their sales pitch. They over-estimate by much the complexity of the project when providing estimate, planned it to be executed the cheapest way possible, and ignored customer complaints.

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Company Response

Good Morning, I am sorry to hear about your concerns. To date I have not received any complaints or concerns regarding your unit through yourself or management. If there is anything we can do please contact me at or your building management so that we can help with your concerns.