I would recommend Richmond Hill Sprinklers to anyone without any hesitation. I first met Al over 12 years ago. Someone else had installed the system but then I ran into problems and they weren’t around to resolve the issue and that is when RH Sprinklers came to the rescue. It was the middle of winter and I had water pouring get into my basement. I called RH Sprinklers and Al came over in about 1/2 hr and sorted things out right away. Over the years, they have always responded to my calls very promptly and effectively - they come by while I am at work and fix the problem. Recently, I was having a new deck made which resulted in sprinkler heads needing to be moved . Al came by a very short notice to discuss plans with my contractor and at no charge for the visit. I have a couple of dogs and look after friend’s dogs too so I call RH Sprinklers for damaged sprinkler heads or soaker hoses. Most recently, a friend’s dog decided my soaker hose was a extra fun twig to chew on and rip up - Yet again, Al and his team came to my rescue at extremely short notice. What I really like and appreciate about Al and his team are (a) they respond promptly and efficiently to my calls (b) they are very honest and always propose cost effective solutions and (c) they remember my dog’s names and respect the fact that I have dogs and give me a price break on some issues I run into becoz of my furry pals.

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