I would not recommend this company to any friends or family based on the service that we have received. We purchased our home last fall which came with a koi fish pond. As maintenance of this pond was new to us, we reached out to Clarke Koi to assist with opening the pond this spring and to give us some general guidance on taking care of the fixture. They have provided no guidance whatsoever. They have been very difficult to work with and when they came out a few weeks ago to open the pond, a portion of the pump system was damaged. We asked them to come back to have a look at what went wrong after they stopped by and they straight up refuse to come back. We have paid them almost $1,000 in fees and are left with a broke down pond and no direction. We have made some calls around the city and there appear to be some other companies which are more supportive of their clients. I would suggest anyone looking to get assistance with backyard ponds go elsewhere.

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Company Response

we are shocked at this review which is a complete fabrication of events.

Last fall we did a pond closing for this client and although they objected to the invoice amount we made a compromise and they then paid the reduced amount

 early in the spring this individual came into the shop and spent approximately an hour as we went over his filter, replaced + cleaned  parts while explaining  the functioning of it to him.  It was a very modest sale for the amount of time we spent but we have no complaints about that

On May 19th We performed a pond opening myself the owner did the opening personally.  The client spent almost all the time outside with me going over the system so he could understand it better. We worked together and it took several hours the get things operational

This is a concrete pond. We set up his filter and pumps and I  gave him guidance and answered his questions.  He paid his invoice in full with no complaints p

Over five weeks later he called and said his pond is leaking and that he wanted us to come back for free to find out what the issue was. He suggested that he never had a problem before we came - although he just moved in as he States. I told him that we cannot work for free and gave him some advice on how to troubleshoot the leak and if he wanted us to come out we would but there would have to be a charge. He didn't agree

Again the key points are he performed the pond opening with me and then five weeks later he tells me the system is leaking 2 inches a day or so. Why was there no contact within one or two week after the opening ? In his review he mentions damage to the pumping system. There was absolutely no damage done to his pump or his pond by myself. Firstly I would take accountability if i ever damaged a clients property and secondly as he was alongside me why didn't he notice this damage that I did? During the phone conversation the other day he mentions no such damage to me, just that the pond is leaking a lot..

We have been in business a long time and have a great track record. We are in this business for the right reasons. This is just a callous attempt to defame us simply because we will not work for free. The challenges of small business I suppose
Randall Clarke