Air Point is a trustworthy Heating and Cooling company with excellent quality and a fair price. I give them 5 stars without hesitation. Before I found Air Point I tried working with two other Heating and Cooling firms - both seemed very good but their sales people sold me things their installation team could not follow through with, for example both installation teams wanted to change the furnace room layout so the door way of my furnace room would inconveniently enter into a bedroom and neither team wanted to do the return air to the second floor. When I met Oleg at Air Point he wanted to take care of the complete job , not cherry picking. Oleg is much more truly technical and so there is no inconsistency or surprises with installation. The team goes the extra mile. Air Point was able to meet all the codes and my desired layout requirements by taking the extra time to make things fit. They also suggested choices of equipment with the same specifications that saved me thousands of dollars on the quietest variable speed high effiency furnace and ac. Air Point thouroughly investigated choices for the location of the second floor air return and completed the whole job. Air Point was the ONLY company I found to have consistent information from start to finish, excellent workmanship, old fashioned values, fair prices, not over selling, willing to take care of the entire system and completed efficiently. Interesting note: the technical installation team called Oleg their "sales rep" to consult with him as he is a technical expert which is unusual in the Heating and Cooing industry. Normally the sales reps will sell you an AC coil that doesn't fit, a humidity system when no water pipes are nearby and they aren't sure about what size of system you need - only knowing prices. Oleg and his team also are genuine people who cares about you and your home. Two thumbs up!

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Company Response

Thank you so much, Laurie, for your time to write this review and for your wonderful words! A heating and cooling system is key to the comfort of our homes. To maximize the comfort, efficiency, and savings of the system it must be considered as a whole, with clearly explained options to help the client make the best choice for their home - and this is exactly what Air Point aims to provide for each and every one of our customers. We are very happy to have provided you with the service and equipment that you and your home needed, and we hope you will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you once again for your kind words, and we look forward to servicing any of your future HVAC needs!
-Oleg and Company