Similar to other reviews you will read, their service is decent, but their pricing is awful. $430 to have my main line augered, which is about a 1 hr job and then $300 more to re-seat the toilet, which takes about 10 minutes. Oh and $70 just to come. I had a friend pay half for the same service by a competitor. To add to the frustration, the line became clogged again a week later, so I rented an auger from Home Depot for $70 to redo the work I paid over $800 for. I sent in my concerns, but was ignored. Take your business else where. There are many other options.

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Company Response

Hello Brett J
We introduced to you a straight forward price guide.
Travel Dispatch Fee 70.00 after 5pm 90.00 and weekends 125.00
Our price guide which you know is broken down into 10 Levels. Each level has a price. This gives the customer clarity to exactly the amount he/she is paying. You authorized the work to be done.
Level 5 Power auger main sewer line. Clear pipe. 431.00

In your case we needed to lift the toilet.
Level 4 Set and reseal toilet. 294.00 in some cases this level can be dropped down to a Level 3 (243.00) or even a Level 2 (159.00)

There is no warranty in drain cleaning however you did not phone with any concerns. At Piper Plumbing we are completely transparent and definitely would've came back in that time frame to Power auger again and to camera the line to see excatly what the issue is, condition of pipe ect ect. Also the option of a sewer main line back water valve1550 installation was given and receive back 1200 from city rebate program. To prevent this from ever happening again.

Thank you for your review. I wish we would'be connected differently.