Condo living. Called in the plumber over weekend to look at kitchen drain blockage. I was told by condo super that if its the main pipe blockage, they would pay. Else I pay.. And it would be overtime charges, being a weekend. When the plumber came in, looked at the issue and got working. After not more than 15-20 mins, he was done & then he tells me after tgat job was about $200 and i got to pay for it since it was my pipe & not the main line. First of all, he should have given me a quote before starting work. Then we go downstairs & he tells me its $250. I decide to call in their office and they tell me its $290+ hst, which comes to over $300.. Thats a crazy ask for 15-20 mins job where i wasnt even given a quote before work was started. I wanted my story to be out there, so everybody else can be cautious when dealing with them.

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