We were devasted. End result was a joke. Stain did not match and was improperly applied - you could easily see roller marks and stain did not even go to the walls. There was a 1" area all over with no stain! Varathane was literally slopped on stair risers and walls! Stair treads were scraped down just to the spindle then rest left as before so all were uneven. Workers left mess of sawdust and cigarette butts on front walkway. It was unbelievable. Foreman came and ordered a redo - resanding and reapply coating - & fix uneven stairs. Even after this we had to fix original varathane mess left on stairs and walls. The 'redo' coating on floors was minimum - as one contractor said who came in afterward - 'they hardly put any product on your floor'. Plus now our floors cannot be sanded down again - we have to replace if we want nice floors. Just devasted. Go with anyone else.

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