Had Blinds to Go outfit many of the windows in my house a few years ago. Technician set them up. Within a short time a heavy metal piece fell off the front when I rolled it up. The corner actually hit my head and injured it. Not a big deal but if that had been a head or small child/pet, it could have been a big deal. I called Blinds to Go. They sent out the same technician who fixed it and 2 other installation problems that he did. Now a few years later, the same problem with another blind. I called BTG and they tell me that even if it was technician error, they only allow for one call back and it has to be within the year, even if it is due to technician error. The technician no longer works with them ( surprise!) but they would be happy to help us out if we take the blinds down and bring them in. What a joke. No concern about liability whatsoever. In the end, he did say they could send someone out for a $60 fee. I have no issue with the quality of the blinds but if you have lousy installers, they should at least fix up their errors. Not impressed. Won't go back. Next time, I will be taking my business elsewhere. If you are planning to buy there, check out how they will treat you later if there are problems with your blinds or the installation!

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