Please read the update to this story - I'm taking legal action. This is simply insane! (Original Post) How does it take ANYONE 14 hours ($2200) to move a 2 bedroom, PRE-PACKED apartment? Seriously, they should have done this move inside 8 hours and they are overcharging customers for their own incompetence. What a racket! (UPdate) At first Power Moving Inc (ON-2553248) requested that this review was removed by Homestars. Homestars asked me if there was proof of my story and I had to send them the invoice as proof. Once I had uploaded my invoice as proof that this is a legit review... you won't believe what Power Moving Inc. did! Because I was brave enough to post my review, using my real name... they looked me up on google and posted a fake 1 star review on my business profile. There's not much I can do about this.... google doesn't verify reviewers. So now it's tit-for-tat - starting with a company who refused to make things right after their wrong... I now have to sue them.... This could have been so easy guys! 1. Do the right thing: - Refund your mistake 2. I might post that "in the end - they made things right and proved that they could admit to their mistakes" in my review. Now I know why there is an 'anonymous' review option .... so that vendors don't retaliate against legitimate, unresolved complaints. I'm livid!

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