They came out the same day I called to fix my fridge and did a quick effective job with a service warranty at a fair price! I would use them again and would recommend them.

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Company Response

Dear valued customer! Thank you for the great and detailed review! We are happy to hear that you were satisfied with our work, and will appreciate your further recommendations. Regards, APPFIX team


Recently my wife and I purchased a home where the previous owner had purchased a new furnace from Smart Home Works just 6 months prior to us moving in. After a month of living in the house we had to call them to come and fix it because there was no gas being fed, turns out it was a defective gas regulator inside the furnace which malfunctioned and was covered by manufacturer warranty. This happened on a Thursday night in the middle of winter where it is -15c outside. Turns out I had to pay their $99+tx service fee for the technician to come out and tell me that the gas regulator was defective, that he didn't have the part, and that "someone" would call me back that evening to schedule a technician to come repair it. So Sunday rolls around, no one answers the phone, I have to shut off my water because of the risk of pipes bursting, and I wait it out till Monday. I call them Monday morning (took work off because this needed to be resolved) and they tried to tell me that it would be Thursday until someone could come fix my issue, and not only that, I would need to pay another $99+tx! So I fought with them and someone came and fixed my furnace that Monday because I had made a point of how ridiculous this experience already was. So a month goes by, guess what, my furnace is doing the same thing! This time it looks like the condensation pipe was full of water and not releasing, after emptying it and clearing another tube inside the furnace I got it to fire up again. I called them up today and asked them to come fix their shotty installation since it is completely unreasonable to expect a customer to have to do this much troubleshooting on a furnace that is less than 1 year old. They told me it would cost $99+tx again and there is no way around it since if the installation was wrong it would have not been working immediately after it was installed. Do not ever buy or have these people service your equipment, they will not provide you any service guarantee or warranty even on their own work under 1 year.

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