Re-tiled our shower and floor in our upstairs bathroom. Dan was extremely messy, and left our place looking terrible. He left tile glue on the walls, and all down the stairs. Whoever he hired to take up the old tile floor put a hole in our wall (which they patched), but also spilled drywall spackle all through the condo hallway and just left it there. As for the actual work...Floor tiles weren't cut square and were laid unevenly on the floor leaving sharp points sticking up on corners. The shower tiles aren't even or spaced properly, and the grouting is brutal. We paid for him to replace the door frame and he just didn't do it. When I told him that we didn't want to pay the quoted price because he didn't finish the job, and what did do wasn't even good, he said he would put a lien on the property, essentially holding us hostage. Do yourself a favour and think twice before hiring this company.

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