My search for new A/C started with self-education and digesting information from a few HVAC professional forums. Then I began calling around HVAC companies with high Homestar ratings and who are on market for at least several years. The thing which apparently made finding knowledgeable company difficult was high velocity air handler in our furnace which turns to be a "niche" product. Many companies came to visit and just threw "we install plenum, A or N coil etc" without any research on how high velocity air handler works and knowing its pros/cons. Eventually 2 knowledgeable companies were chosen, one offering Trane and Econoair offering Carrier and Goodman A/C. I dropped Trane offer and went with Goodman due to almost $700 difference between similar specs units and feeling both money-wise and service-wise Econoair is more attentive to requirements and possessing more practical knowledge. Econoair is Carrier factory authorized dealer meaning utmost level of expertise. However as I said I went with Goodman A/C. Apparently proper A/C install is of more importance than A/C model if we talk of extremes. Bruce took time to properly analyze furnace and air handler current install and came up with balanced and optimal design. Bruce approach was much more thorough and diligent than approach from higher ranked Homestars HVAC companies who inspected our furnace. Eventually Efron and Justin perfectly executed all steps for proper A/C install. Above install took place at the end of Aug 2016. Fast forward to mid-Oct when one day I went on to check if our hydronic heating is ready for winter time and working and it was not ! In rush I called Reliance (who we rent water heater from) and they said thermostat is gone and new one cannot get obtained so an only option is to replace everything with another combi-boiler. I called Econoair. Bruce had gone through water heater documentation and addressed an issue in absence of working thermostat. Yes it is temporary until new thermostat will be sourced. In summary I feel confident proper site survey, design, install and subsequent support is part of Econoair business model. Having seen other companies representatives and installers I noticed Econoair guys are not in rush and/or under stress which to me tells a lot. Installation obviously requires knowledge, experience and last but not least - time no matter how "effective/fast" you are. Thank you folks ! Best regards.

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