We had Roy come and give us a quote to line our sewer pipe under the City of Hamiltons Sewer program because we have tree roots growing in our main pipe and its a public tree. His quote came in the cheapest to do the job so the city approved them as our contractor for this job. We booked our appt. Had it rescheduled because their equipment went down(no big deal, totally understand this happens) rebooked the appt. Scheduled the day off work, sent my rescue dogs to daycare, the guys showed up an hour late, but we were thankful the job was getting done. That is until they walked off the job telling us that Roy quoted us too cheap for the size of job we have . They said Roy measured 45 feet of pipe when in fact we only 25 feet of pipe and they said sorry cant do it. They left and we have emailed the city and the plugged piper asking for a remedy and the plugged piper has not said a word. This service is atrocious and i want everyone to know how they do not operate on good principles. Even worse, now the city wants it done at the price it was low-balled, which seems to be a difficult price to honour. Anyone else would honor it as quoted! Its not our error. We would have even had a discussion if they could have offered a 'I cant do it for this price but I can for this price'. Instead, we are left high and dry with damaged pipe. Now to start from square one with the city on getting another contractor approved which was a very time consuming venture to begin with. Thanks for nothing, Plugged Piper.

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