I am still waiting for repairs to my new driveway, it seems to have cracked in the middle! This has gone on since April 23 2015 , when we had a new driveway put in, now no one wants to come and fix the crack, which means a whole new driveway...ha, maybe it's because I don't owe any money for the first one, or they would have been hear in a flash! I have called, left messages, talk to Chris, and still no date or time for a redo! All type paving is by far is the worst experience I have had with any business in my life! It all started in April 23 2015, we signed up for a new driveway, did the job, driveway cracked, called Aug 8th 2016 said I was on his list of repairs, never heard from him, called, messaged, same thing answering machine, or his phone that he never answers! I have threatened to take him to court, all he was worried about was the message I posted here, which I can't find now! We finally got him to show up just 2 days before Halloween to rip up the cracked driveway. I waited almost 3 weeks before we tried phoning and texting him again, we heard back after this and repaved the driveway November 18 2016. I was told Friday afternoon, they came first thing Friday morning, never spoke to us,never said sorry for the wait or even a simple hello, he came and went without even telling us how long to stay off it or when he would be back to redo the top coat in one years time! I will never recommend this company to anyone, all my neighbors have ask what happened and who did it, and said the same,they will never use this company! These people really need a lesson in customer service, but I,m positive it won't happen! So now we wait to see if this works and doesn't crack, if it does we will not go through this again!

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The driveway had sunk around the water shut off valve which i thought may have been a broken water line but the customer said no no its your fault. We tried to make it right and agreed to repave the driveway. During the excavation we noticed the water shut off valve was broken. The customer told the foreman that he would get the city to fix the valve. As we waited for a response on the valve to be fixed the customer called and left a rude message saying "come fix my driveway i'm tired of this crap" this followed by her husband's message the next day saying come fix my driveway your time is running out. We then scheduled them in on a Friday to pave showing up with equipment and material only to find the water shut off valve not fixed. I personally spoke with the husband about the valve and he said just pave over it. So her saying that we never spoke to them is a lie. We did hold true to our word that the work is guaranteed and redid the driveway free of charge.