Windows were getting fogged up in our master bedroom, not to mention it was quite cold in our bedroom. We were looking for an improved window to address the above concerns, and to potentially cut down on street noise. We liked the Magic windows options the best (roll away screen and blinds). These widows really do let in a lot more light with the screens retracted. The darkening blinds do cut out all the light and keep our room warmer at night. Sales process was smooth from beginning to end, with no high-pressure tactics (unlike another window company we had quote on our business). Installation was quick and clean. We didn't have to repaint the walls. We find our bedroom is quieter and warmer now. The amount of additional air the larger windows let in is amazing when the windows are open. Finishing on the outside looks great. I like with windows so much that we will be using Magic windows for the rest of our house.

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