It's been 17 months since my driveway has been paved by Central Park Paving and I have two areas of concern with my driveway that started approx. 4 weeks after job was complete and have yet to be fixed. I was reluctant to use Central Park Paving because of different unfavorable reviews I read over the internet and cost of the job but after speaking with Vince I was made to feel comfortable as he was a very engaging individual and he even agreed to lower his initial quote as he claimed "you're residence is in my backyard and I don't want to see you giving business to my competition". After final payment was was made, trying to get in touch with Vince was extremely difficult to say the least. I found the office admin staff to be rude and was told repairs would be completed at the end of the 2015 season. Having no luck speaking with Vince, I decided to correspond with him via e-mail and I was assured by him the areas in question would be looked at and fixed and I had no reason not to believe him as his families company is large and reputable serving many customers a year. 2015 season concluded without a repair so I emailed him at the beginning of this season and once again was assured that the areas of concern would be fixed. But after digging deeper and reading negative reviews over the internet the undertone remains the same by many customers who have concerns and have difficulty obtaining any follow-up by Vince and his company and areas of concern going unfixed. I can appreciate that errors occur and repairs are required from time to time but 17 months is a long time and I feel I've been very diplomatic and have waited long enough. Also, the company's terms and conditions blanket so many variables that are not covered which is a way the company doesn't have to be accountable for any areas of concern. And lastly, using weather, business demand and not the correct tools as excuses after 16 months waiting for a repair isn't fair to customers who place their trust in Vince's business. I would exercise extreme caution if considering hiring Central Park Paving to do work at your home.

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Company Response

Central Park Parking paved the above driveway with the utmost professionalism. Vince responded to Chris every time he called for extreme "minor concerns". We are very reputable and stand behind our product. We pave approximately 1200 driveways per season so our track record is excellent to say the least! We will send over a repair man once again to take a look at these areas at no charge. We also do not know of these issues are a result of homeowners negligence etc... You will be hearin from our office for a repair date as soon as we can

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