Four years ago, I hired this company to help clean and restore a BBQ that came with the house as I didn't have the time to tinker and clean it myself. The first sign of suspicion for this company was that they take payment for the service before the service is performed (which was expensive, nearly $400 for the service). Usually, a great company will only charge a customer once the customer is satisfied with the work and these great companies have ways of collecting from deadbeat customers after the service is performed. Either way, I should have been tipped off by their pre-service payment and cancelled the service. However, we proceed with the service call based on the reviews. They were barely there for an hour and left the BBQ all scratched up. The BBQ needed a list of parts which they were only able to determine a quarter of the list of parts needed because they didn't take the time to thoroughly inspect and take it apart to find what was exactly needed. To boot, they wanted another $350+tax to install the parts (and they would have missed some key parts because of their lack of thoroughness, which would have resulted in longer delays, and my guess is further service charges). If I proceeded with this company any further, it would have left me, at least, nearly $800 in the hole (plus cost of parts) for subpar service. This year, I ended up taking the time to take apart the BBQ (which took about an hour) to find out what parts I needed to buy. In that hour, I further cleaned the BBQ, which should have been done by this company if they went beyond cleaning the surface areas, as well as finding out the exact parts that I needed. The parts came in this week, and it took another hour to complete the install. So, for 2 hours worth or work, this company is charging $700 + taxes. If you have the time, do it yourself. It's easier than you think and avoid companies like this. The job was never completed and a refund was never offered.

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Company Response

Hi Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns about the company. However, some of your statements are simply untrue. It is not, and has never been our policy to collect payment for any BBQ cleaning appointment prior to its completion. We collect a credit card number to secure the appointment and only process the payment once the job has been completed. All of our pricing is based on the make and model of BBQ you have, and this is outlined in the confirmation email that is sent after booking.

We are extremely willing and receptive to resolving any issues that are brought forth to the company. As such, we sent back a technician (free of charge) to further assess the BBQ for a complete list of parts that were required. We advised you to contact Viking directly, as we do not order select parts that your BBQ needed, and offered to return for another visit for the installation. The quoted installation fee was based on the extensive list of parts that were to be installed by a specialized TSSA Licensed Gas Technician on a high-end BBQ, such as Viking.

We are proud of the skill and professionalism of our technicians and the employees who work tirelessly to provide top customer satisfaction. It is disappointing that we were not provided with a fair opportunity to resolve these issues as it has taken over four years for your concerns to be brought to light. We want to extend the offer to discuss any concerns or questions that you may still have from this job, and are happy to take your call anytime. Please contact the office at 416-925-9585, or email if you require any further assistance.


I picked MGD because of the amount of positive reviews and was not disappointed. The sales rep, Louis, was patient with us throughout all our design choices. He explained in detail what to expect including all costs and timing. Three weeks after placing our order, we received a phone call from MGD (as expected) to setup an install date & time. The installer, Brandon, showed up on the agreed date and explained what to expect during the install and was there to answer any questions before the install began. He was courteous during the entire install process. After the install was complete, Brandon took the time to explain how to care for the door and other tidbits about the newly installed door. From start to finish, the staff at this company were kind, courteous, patient as well as very informative. With so many horiffic stories about what happens in the trades industry, it's refreshing to be able to feel comfortable and confident that the company you picked is doing the job right. I would highly recommend MDG for anyone looking at any type of work relating to their garage door(s).

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Company Response

Thanks for the great review. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to work on your project. Brandon and Louis were very happy to read your comments. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and enjoy your new door! The Markham Garage Doors Team!