When I decided to protect what matters most to me, I immediately sought advice from friends and family in the area. Simple questions like "who did you go with?" and "would you recommend them ?" where among those asked of those who had previous experience in home security. I wish I could say the experience was a simple and painless one, but it wasn't. That did however changed when I was introduced to a local company named Grand Alarms. I cannot begin to describe the overall experience but if you are in the market for home security, look no further ! Grand Alarms is a one stop shop. I managed to get a great deal on my central vacuum, in wall speakers, cameras and a home security system that rivals a nuclear missile silo ! I pity the poor sap that attempts to break into my home. The staff that came to my house where on time, knowledgeable and professional. They were not pushy and did answered my questions with what I call un-parallel honesty. I really got the feeling that these people cared about their reputations and my safety. The price was very competitive, the service was professional but what really drove this home for me was the knowledge they gave me. I am glad I did my shopping around as now I am acutely aware that I made the right choice to go with Grand Alarms. My thanks to the salesperson named Stefan Tuzi, thanks to him my family is safe and my home is in good hands. Sincerely, Patrick Ibrahim

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