I had a terrible experience with this moving company. It first started ok when setting up an appointment. The lady on the phone quoted $300 since I told her the number of steps I have at my new and old house. On the day of the appointment, 2 movers show up, they took a look at my place and they said they would need 3 movers. Therefore, they needed to reschedule. I was annoyed but I didn't want to hurt the movers or my piano so I agreed to reschedule. On the day of the second appointment, they called me to change the time since our appointment time was at rush hour. I said, no, we cannot change the time because no one else would be home to open the door for them at another time. So they agreed to come at the agreed time. Afterwards, when they took the piano, I did not hear from them for 1 hour. Nor did my piano show up at my new house. So I called them and they said my piano will not be delivered to my new house that day due to traffic. They did not state this in the first place. I did not agree for it to be not delivered to my house that day. They said they will keep it in a dedicated piano storage area, however, how am I suppose to trust them? When I told them I would rather have it back at my old house, they told me they will deliver it. When my piano arrived at my new house, they have scratched my piano at two parts. Which, they were very fast to deny the damage. I was so angry at this point. And then, they wanted $375 + tax for the move. I refused to pay at this point since they damaged my piano and wanted more than what I was quoted (its not like the number of stairs changed). They called their "boss" and he said he would call someone to fix up my scratches. Guess what, it is more than 3+ months later, and no one ever called to come fix the scratches. Please, if you are looking to move your piano, do not go with this company. You have been warned.

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