I had badly flickering lights in the whole house with wild dips in voltage. The city had come to check their lines, but claimed all was good on their end. Two weeks later it had gotten much worse to the point where it damaged my furnace. I called for the city to come again, late at night when the problem was usually at it's worst, but I knew I had to have an electrician in to check things out on my end or they would likely claim it was my problem again. I called dozens of so-called 24 hr emergency electricians and nobody would come day-of. Except Muhammed. He drove an hour and a half in rush hour traffic. At the house he determined the problem was the cities power supply, NOT the house, as I had suspected. To my surprise he then called the city himself and reported his diagnosis which got logged in for their visit later on. When the city came later, they still said the problem wasn't on their end, but because Muhammed had called in, they changed some connectors in the line to the house. That fixed the problem finally!!! Muhammed is an excellent electrician - responsible, responsive, and an advocate for you as a customer. I don't believe I'd have had this problem fixed without his forceful call to the city on my behalf. This man is a total professional.

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Company Response

Thank you so much Tom for taking time your to share your experience with our clients, we always make sure to be ready 24/7 when our clients need us. Our team of certified electrical professional are fully capable to diagnose any problem with full confidence because of having years of experience in electrical trade. We are glad to see an other happy client.