What happens when your new furniture purchase cannot fit into your condo? Recently my finance and I purchased a new sofa from the Chesterfield Shop on Dufferin. We spent numerous hours shopping around and finding the "right" sofa for our condo. We settled on a 100 inch sofa and were told that since we have 9-foot ceilings in our condo unit and if our elevator was more than 8 feet 8 inches we would not have a problem getting it into our building. And unless I had a proctor and a model couch I have no idea how the “angles” dimensions of the couch are going to work themselves out. So we ordered on Dec. 26th, 2015 and got a 20% discount because of the Boxing Day promotion. Fast-forward to April 1, 2016 (12 weeks later, after it was promised to us no longer than 10 weeks) the sofa arrives comes up the elevator and guess what.... Doesn't fit in the door. The common hallway ceilings are only 8-feet as opposed to the unit's ceiling of 9 feet. The delivery men haul the couch away and we then make our way to the Chesterfield Shop this weekend to see what we can do. Two options. 1. They can custom fit this original couch to a size of 96 inches to fit into the unit. This would cost us an additional $500. 2. Or we can pick out a new couch. So we pick the same model of the couch we originally choose but at a 90 inches size. Thinking that we would just be able to exchange this couch for the larger one we had purchased before we would not be out any additional money... We were wrong. Since we originally the couch with a 20% discount the new smaller version of the couch will actually be more expensive than the previous purchase and they will not honour the original sale price. Nor would they offer the now 10% discount they have promoted on all sofas because this would be a "special" order. So we would be paying an additional $500 dollars whether we would custom retro fit the original couch or purchase the same model only smaller because the couch would not fit in our front door after we were told that it would if the elevator and our ceiling height requirements would accommodate the original couch. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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