We had originally scheduled the move for Sat. Aug. 21, but cancelled it due to the rain, and wanted to move on Sun. Aug. 22, but cancelled again due to the rain. We then asked them to come at 1pm on Tues. Aug. 24 and the movers showed up at 1:20pm. When they brought out the contract I noticed some discrepancies between what we had previously agreed upon when I spoke to their boss through the phone. When I called their boss, he said those were standard conditions that were not negotiable. Once I realized he was trying to change our conditions, I told him that I would cancel the move and find someone else. After another 20 min. of wrangling, we agreed upon the original terms and I had his movers correct the contract and sign it with me. After that it was very smooth sailing. The movers were very cheerful and pleasant and worked efficiently. They set up everything the way I asked them too, and didn't waste any time. Many thanks to the other reviewers who used this company and noted that the contract was dodgy and one should read it before signing (I probably would have signed it without questioning anything if I hadn't read the reviews beforehand).

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